Packaging & Display

August 2018

The Barber Brand

When Atlanta calls, you answer the phone. Re-designing the Black Solutions brand was an honor for a bunch of salty Californians....

Black Solutions Logo and Icon
January 2013

ONDA Branding and Packaging

Bold Branding for a Bold Board Successful brand tuning led Album to distribute high-impact lifestyle branding across ONDA’s entire product line. In conjunction with an online marketing campaign designed to immediately boost ONDA’s sales and generate awareness of the new VIBE, Album rolled out a vibrant...

April 2012

Sunny Delight Retail Promotion

Nothing lights up our day more than working with SunnyD, the quintessential citrus beverage classic. As they looked for unique ways to promote their world-renowned juices, they turned to Album. While constrained by a specific 2-dimensional assignment (floor graphics and a small standee), we...

March 2009

Baked Product Packaging Redesign

I'm a fan of baked chips. And even though I'm not exactly the target audience (mostly women), this redesign caught my eye. The old packaging always looked too shiny, Vegas-like, and busy, while the new packaging speaks natural, healthy, and "good for you." Looks like...