Ole Hanson Beach Club Identity

Ole Hanson Beach Club Identity

Ole Hanson Beach Club is a historic coastal landmark in San Clemente, CA, with sweeping ocean views. Originally constructed in 1928 by Ole Hanson, founder and developer of San Clemente’s “Spanish Village by the Sea”, the Spanish-Revival-style building and grounds were closed for over two years for renovation and re-opened to the public in October 2016. During renovation, Album was selected to develop the identity of the Ole Hanson Beach Club and design its first logo after nearly 90 years without one.  We took on the challenge to embody the Southern California beach experience, while paying homage to the venue’s deep historic roots.

To properly showcase the landmark’s rich history, we designed a logo that is made up of two elements — a sun icon inspired by a traditional Spanish tile and a custom hand-drawn serif typeface.

Ole Hanson Logo Concept Exploration
Ole Hanson Beach Club logo

With black and white as primary brand colors, we selected a bright secondary palette heavily inspired by traditional Spanish colonial architecture and art. A color bar, quarter mark, and repeating sun pattern were also introduced as secondary elements to add subtle color, texture, and balance to print and digital materials.

Ole Hanson website screenshot
Ole Hanson Venue Sheet
Ole Hanson Marketing Card