November 2016

Fieldpiece Brand Campaign

Fieldpiece wanted a brand campaign that captured the legacy and dependability of their product line for HVAC technicians. We had the answer....

Fieldpiece brand campaign tagline
January 2012

Bringing customer service to your social media strategy

It's well known that social media can do wonders for a brand. Many businesses have at least a Facebook page, if not also Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Yelp, among others. These are great ways to promote brands, yet so many don't take full advantage of...

September 2011

SEO Myths: Things that won’t help your site rank higher

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing game that requires a great amount of time and effort. It also requires keeping up with Google's algorithms, which are always in a state of flux and mostly kept secret. Sometimes all of the information floating around...

August 2011

Facts About Mobile That Affect Your Online Strategy

A few years ago when internet-capable smartphones began gaining popularity, most people shrugged it off as a fad. The vast majority of businesses continued to focus solely on traditional computer users when building their websites & developing online marketing strategies, because investing in mobile seemed...

July 2011

Tell Customers Why They Should Care

When putting together marketing materials for your company, it's incredibly easy to get carried away with long lists of features or services. The longer the list and the more in-depth you get with impressive technical details, the better you must look to prospective customers… right?...