Branding & Design

October 2009

It Hertz So Good

Hertz cast their shadow away and recently revealed a new brand identity.  While the old blocky letters were bold and unequivocal, thankfully, the sunshine yellow is still shining strong.  The new letters are a nice modern variation, with a rounder, friendlier feel.   I think it's...

March 2009

Baked Product Packaging Redesign

I'm a fan of baked chips. And even though I'm not exactly the target audience (mostly women), this redesign caught my eye. The old packaging always looked too shiny, Vegas-like, and busy, while the new packaging speaks natural, healthy, and "good for you." Looks like...

August 2008

Big Brand Misconceptions

One of the biggest misconceptions shared among the general public is that logos of big brands like Apple and Nike just came to be. Since these brands are so deeply marked in everyday life, people assume these logos and brands were always like they are...