Branding & Design

July 2014

PDF Brand Identity

After 30+ years in business, it's important to keep your brand feeling relevant and current. That's exactly what happened to Professional Diversified Flooring (PDF). Although they were extremely successful and profitable, they realized they needed Album's expertise to revitalize their visual identity system...

Professional Diversified Flooring Logo
August 2011

How do you refresh the brand of an American classic?

A few weeks ago Budweiser introduced a new icon and packaging design for the first time in a decade. The company hopes emphasizing their "bowtie" symbol will help reverse a trend of declining sales, especially among younger consumers in their 20s and 30s. Most of...

May 2010

Importance of a USP

Yahoo! is re-branding. Many products and services are in dire need to do the same. But why? One of the most important things you can communicate to your potential customers and clients is how you can help them. How can you make their world easier? It...

April 2010

A Wonderful Surprise at Album

In the midst of searching through different articles online to share with our fans/follower/clients, we are exposed to a wealth of information that we only hope to convey clearly to help you with different parts of online marketing.One of our intern's favorite new information sources...

November 2009

Pfizer Finesses Their Brand Identity

Pfizer, "the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company", recently released a refreshed brand identity.  For most people the logo update will go unnoticed, but the overall brand identity (colors, fonts and design style) have been upgraded dramatically.  According to Siegel+Gale, the agency behind the design strategy,...