Tell Customers Why They Should Care

When putting together marketing materials for your company, it’s incredibly easy to get carried away with long lists of features or services. The longer the list and the more in-depth you get with impressive technical details, the better you must …

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Did the Blog Die?

Not exactly, it’s just on a temporary leave of absence.  We’ve got big plans in the works for Album’s website version 3.0 in 2012, one of which is to integrate a more dynamic and visual blog-like feed on our home …

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Importance of a USP

Yahoo! is re-branding. Many products and services are in dire need to do the same. But why? One of the most important things you can communicate to your potential customers and clients is how you can help them. How can …

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A Wonderful Surprise at Album

In the midst of searching through different articles online to share with our fans/follower/clients, we are exposed to a wealth of information that we only hope to convey clearly to help you with different parts of online marketing. One of …

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Paid Search vs. Social Media

I’ve heard of many people pulling their hair out because they don’t know where to focus their energies: paid searches or social media? But why do you have to pick just one? They both have different benefits that can strengthen …

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The Beast Behind the Engine

Some of us use Google, while others of us just google. Either way, Google has dabbed a bit into everyone’s life, to say the least. Don’t know what the capital of Poland is? Google it. Don’t know how to make the …

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B-Rad’s Original Stop-Motion Video

B.Rad Callister, one of our Lead Designers at Album, starred in and collaborated on this original stop-motion video titled: Bruises.   We think you’ll agree his creativity is authentic and pure.  He’s too humble to post this and we’re too proud …

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State of the Internet

When creating an Internet marketing campaign, you need to know who is online, where they are going, what sites they visit most frequently, what attracts them to certain pages, what types of ads are they clicking on, how do they gather information, …

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